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Fred & Gene Walker by Drill
Fred (left) and Gene (right) Walker, Well Drill and Artesian Well


Realtor Service Request Form (updated 5-21-2013) - If you're a realtor and need to have us check a system, print out a copy of this form and fax it to us. (This form is not live, and cannot be completed or submitted electronically.) Examples: potability, productivity, sanitary survey, check for leaks, etc.

About Us

Gene Walker left Idaho to drill for Nevada gold at the age of 17. After returning to Idaho, he realized that his home state had a more precious resource: water. Gene founded Walker Water Systems in 1947 and drilled wells throughout the Magic and Wood River Valleys. In fact, he drilled and developed most of the Artesian wells throughout the Wood River Valley.

Gene brought uncompromising quality to his well drilling and water systems. Although he passed away in 2003, we still follow his uncompromising standard of quality. We offer excellent well drilling and top quality water systems as well as maintenance, consultation, and custom system planning.

Our technicians each have over 25 years of experience installing and repairing water systems. We are licensed for AAA Public Works, Very Small Water System installation and maintenance, and we’ve produced some of the best wells in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, we've been members of the Idaho Groundwater Association and the National Groundwater Association since they were founded in 1948. (With the exception of a few years - Gene and Fred have withheld dues occasionally over disagreements with IGWA/NGWA policy.)

Walker Water Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and maintains a drug-free workplace.

We take great care to protect the identity and personal information of our customers. We don't accept electronic payments. If you'd like to pay your bill, give us a call - we'll accept checks in person or by mail, cash in person, or credit cards in person or over the phone. For more information about the steps we take to keep your information secure, please click the following image:

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