About Us

Gene Walker left Idaho to drill for Nevada gold at the age of 17. After returning to Idaho, he realized that his home state had a more precious resource: water. Gene founded Walker Water Systems in 1947 and drilled wells throughout the Magic and Wood River Valleys. In fact, he drilled and developed most of the Artesian wells throughout the Wood River Valley.

Gene brought uncompromising quality to his well drilling and water systems. Although he passed away in 2003, we still follow his uncompromising standard of quality. We offer excellent well drilling and top quality water systems as well as maintenance, consultation, and custom system planning.

Our technicians each have over 25 years of experience installing and repairing water systems. We are licensed for AAA Public Works, Very Small Water System installation and maintenance, and we’ve produced some of the best wells in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, we’ve been members of the Idaho Groundwater Association and the National Groundwater Association since they were founded in 1948. (With the exception of a few years – Gene and Fred have withheld dues occasionally over disagreements with IGWA/NGWA policy.)

Walker Water Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and maintains a drug-free workplace.

Our Staff


Fred Walker – Owner, President. Fred has been drilling since the age of 14, when he took the newly-implemented driller’s license test to prove his expertise. Fred has brought in some of the best wells in Idaho, including Pristine Springs. Fred’s expertise in drilling is unmatched in the area – he can usually tell within a few feet how deep a well will go, how much water it’ll deliver, and how much casing it will need. Fred’s business education was at Boise State University.

Cyndie Koffer – Owner, Vice-President. Cyndie has been managing the office and employee relations for over 20 years. She handles billing and pricing, estimates, and telephone calls. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from University of Idaho.

Mark Koffer – Manager of Sales and Service. Mark has been with Walker Water Systems for over 30 years, and worked his way up from an entry-level pump technician. In that time, he’s seen more than his share of strange issues. If you have a question about a new well and water system, or if your existing system isn’t working right. Mark can find the solution. He is also in charge of marketing, work scheduling, and water system planning and design. (Mark loaned his characteristic voice to our radio ads. See his demo page for voice talent information.) He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Botany from University of Idaho.

Pat Walker – Billing and Records Specialist. Pat Walker holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. She has been working at Walkers for 10 years part-time, and recently retired from the Twin Falls School District.

David Koffer – Technical Writer, Very Small Water Systems compliance and documentation specialist. David holds a VSWS Operator certification, and he prepares company manuals, reports, and marketing copy. He holds a Master’s degree in English from Idaho State University. David’s writing skills are available for hire: for more information, you can visit his website.

Joel Phinney – Joel, like Jeremy, has been with Walkers for over 25 years. Joel handles pump installation and repair, and can fix nearly any problem quickly and efficiently. Joel is friendly and knowledgable, and is always happy to answer questions about your water system and repairs.