Contractors and Engineers


If you’re working on a project that needs a well, we would like to work with you. For domestic installations, we’ve developed three pricing tiers:

Well and Frostproof Hydrant
Well and frostproof hydrant

Basic – our least expensive, no-frills system that gets water to the house – without sacrificing the integrity of the well or the water system. (No cheap plastic pipe that breaks in a couple years, no skimping on casing that prevents sand or cave-ins.)

Classic – the system we built our reputation on. This includes a usage evaluation so that the client gets the water they need for everything they use – irrigation, multiple showers, and so forth.

Premium – A top-of-the-line system, with as many extras as the client wants. More horespower? More gallons per minute? Sand filter? Noise isolator? Disinfecting system? Bells and whistles? This tier is for specialty installations.

Optionally Included in Each System at No Extra Charge:

VFD Installation
Typical Smart-Pump Setup

Site Pre-Planning: we can help work the well and water system into your project and avoid conflicts. Want to make sure that the cement sidewalk doesn’t have to be cut for a pipeline? Want to be sure the septic tank isn’t too close to the well? Our pre-planning service, included with every installation at no charge, helps you minimize expensive retrofitting and other problems.

Contractor’s Water – If you’re in a hurry to get water onsite, we install a temporary frostproof hydrant as soon as the well is complete. That way, you and your subcontractors have access to water as soon as possible.

Pre-Bid Planning – This service is geared toward engineers; we work with the design staff to make sure that the system is designed for optimum usage and meets industry standard installation practices. We also evaluate for future replacements – if a part needs to be replaced some time down the road, a short-sighted design can dramatically increase the cost.

Subcontractor Coordination – We work easily and seamlessly with other subcontractors – irrigation/sprinkler, fire protection, landscape, etc.- to design a system that will provide enough water for the whole property. Or, if the well simply doesn’t have enough water, we can work with the subs to maximize the water that’s available.


Whether you’re designing a high-end home, working on a municipal water system, or putting together a heat-exchange system, we can help any engineer refine their water system design.

Planning and Design Optimization – Our technicians each have over 25 years installing and repairing water systems. We can review your plans and suggest adjustments that will reduce costs, improve efficiency and function, or prevent problems and complications.

Consultation Services – Just looking for some advice on how to put together a system? For a fee, we’ll put our experience to work for you and help design the best system possible. (This service is available if you want help with planning but can’t afford to spend money on a quality installation, or if you think the bid will go to the cheapest or least experienced bidder.)