Pumps and Water Systems

Pump Rig on the job
Pump Rig Pulling a Pump

According to Mark Koffer, “A pump is a device that tricks the water into thinking that its source is higher than its destination.” In other words, it pushes the water out of the well and into the house.

The water system is actually composed of several parts. There’s the pump and motor which hang down the well on a column of pipe and wire. A series of pipes transfer the water from the well to your house. Then, there’s a blue pressure tank that holds water like a balloon, giving you pressure. Lastly, there are a series of pressure-sensitive electrical components that turn the pump on and off.

For home systems, we usually install a Smart Pump. A Smart Pump, also called a Variable Frequency Drive Pump, uses a simpler down-well pump and motor, and a computerized surface controller. One big advantage with a Smart Pump is that the pressure tank is a lot smaller. Unfortunately, repairs on Smart Pump systems tend to cost a lot more. We can also install a Classic system, with a 1/2 HP to 5 HP pump, controls, and a big blue pressure tank.

For larger systems like municipal and irrigation wells, we’ve installed pumps as big as 50 horsepower. These massive systems include complex delivery manifolds and pressure tank arrays. If you’re planning a subdivision and want a water system with a low cost of ownership, give us a call – we can help design, install, and maintain municipal water systems up to 500 connections. See our Very Small Water Systems page for more information.

If a component fails, any number of things can happen – from no water at all, to short-cycling, to funny noises. Sometimes if you don’t have water, it can be a simple electrical component. Low pressure can be caused by a hole in the pipe. See the FAQ page for common problems and troubleshooting information, or give us a call.

At Walker Water Systems, we prefer to use Goulds Pumps, Franklin Motors and electrical components, and Well-X-Trol tanks. We also work on Grundfos, Sta-Rite, and 6″ Berkeley pumps, and other less-known brands. If you’re looking for a solar pump, check out our specialty installations page. No matter what brand of pump you have in your well, if there’s a problem, call us! We’ve got more than 60 years of experience troubleshooting pumps, and there’s no problem we can’t tackle.